Chlorine Free Fire Retardant Arc Tape
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Chlorine Free Fire Retardant Arc Tape

Chlorine Free Fire Retardant Arc Tape is designed to protect cables from the effects of fire and fault arcing.  Fault arcs generate a blast that can be fatal to adjacent cables.  The intense heat and flames often ignite fires that can quickly spread on unprotected cables to other areas, thus increasing the related damage. 

Non-halogenated, chlorine-free tape was developed to answer the need for a nontoxic, low smoke product for the area in which there are people or equipment.  It extends the protection to single cables or small cable bundles that would be impractical to spray.  When burned, it forms a ceramic tube to protect the cable. 


  • Easy wrap protection.
  • Utility and government approved.
  • Non-toxic, Low smoke.
  • Non-halogenated.
  • Fire and fault are protection for power and control cable


  • When burned, forms a touch ceramic tube to protect cable.
  • Protects cables that are impractical to spray.

Recommended For

  • Power and Control Cable.


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Product Code Size Quantity Per Case
CFR 30 3" x 20'

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