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Manufacturer Jalite Photoluminescent Fire Safety Signs
SKU: UL432
Jalite Aluminum Exit Safety Signs

"When the lights go out, ours go on.™" Jalite Aluminum UL-Listed Exit Signs provide maintenance, life cycle & emergency cost savings.

Reduced Required Maintenance

The most overlooked costs to exit signs are the monthly and annual inspections required by code, and the replacement of bulbs and batteries. Once Jalite signs are installed, there are NO tests to perform and NO batteries or bulbs to change.

Lower Life Cycle Cost

The new range of Jalite Aluminum Exit Signs using proprietary pigments will last twice as long as the typical lifetime of a LED or other electrical exit sign.

Use Less Energy

Charged by the ambient light of your facility, Jalite Exit Signs require no additional energy.

Emergency Preparedness

UL-Listed Exit Signs do more than meet code; they ensure your facility is prepared for the worst case scenario. If the lights are on before a power outage, Jalite Exit Signs will illuminate the location of the exit without fail. We mean it when we say, "When the lights go out, ours go on.™"

Signs are provided with screw holes for installation without a frame.

Contact us for more options on our UL-listed French, Spanish and ISO Symbol Signs.