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Manufacturer Jalite Photoluminescent Fire Safety Signs
SKU: 6044PD
Jalite Fire Hose Panoramic Sign
Use Fire Hose Photoluminescent Panoramic Signs to overcome difficulty seeing safety signs in corridors and large open areas. Panoramic signs place each face at an angle to the wall enabling the sign to be seen from a full 180°.
Best Practice Features of Jalite Safety Signs. 
  • High optical brightness border to provide contrast with surroundings and safety color.
  • ISO Graphical symbol with good recognition and comprehensibility using ISO 7010/NFPA 70.
  • High Quality material options: Self adhesive vinyl and Aluminum. Choose between them with consideration for service environment and ease of installation.
  • Sign and graphical symbol size options available to respond to the expected observation distance.
  • Key Graphical elements to improve understanding and design.
  • Designed according to principles of ISO 38641 and 3864-3-Geometric shape, graphical symbols and layout.
  • Color according to ANSI Z535.1: Safety color code.
  • Explanatory supplementary text define and refine the safety message. Font style and size as required for ease of legability.
  • Photoluminescent Material Code, proven performance and consistency and classified according to ISO 17398.
  • Manufacturer's name and trade mark as required by all ISO Standards for safety products.
  • Optical sub surface print for floor and other high wear applications.
  • Traceability mark to identify production information during manufacture according to ISO 9001 quality standards.
  • Unique design and product code for reordering and product identification.

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