Manufacturer Jalite Photoluminescent Fire Safety Signs
SKU: 6050
Jalite Fire Hose Self Adhesive Wall Mount Sign

Fire Hose Photoluminescent Self Adhesive Wall Mount Sign

Best Practice Features of Jalite Saftety Signs

  • High optical brightness border to provide contrast with surroundings and safety color.
  • ISO Graphical symbol with good recognition and comprehensibility using ISO 7010/NFPA 70.
  • High Quality material options: Self adhesive vinyl and aluminum. Choose between them with consideration for service environment and ease of installation.
  • Sign and graphical symbol size options available to respond to the expected observation distance.
  • Key Graphical elements to improve understanding and design.
  • Designed according to principles of ISO 38641 and 3864-3-Geometric shape, graphical symbols and layout.
  • Color according to ANSI Z535.1: Safety color code.
  • Explanatory supplementary text define and refine the safety message. Font style and size as required for ease of legability.
  • Photoluminescent Material Code, proven performance and consistency and classified according to ISO 17398.
  • Manufacturer's name and trade mark as required by all ISO Standards for safety products.
  • Optical sub surface print for floor and other high wear applications.
  • Traceability mark to identify production information during manufacture according to ISO 9001 quality standards.
  • Unique design and product code for reordering and product identifcation.

Wall mounted flat signs also come in easily installed peel-n-stick self-adhesive vinyl with the prefix: SBV

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