Metacaulk 950 Firestopping Water Based Sealant
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Metacaulk 950 Firestopping Water Based Sealant

Metacaulk® 950+ is a water-based sealant designed for use on metal pipe including steel, EMT, copper, aluminum and glass pipe as well as telephone and power cables. Can also be used with PVC, CPVC and polybutylene (PB) plastic pipe on closed (pressure) systems.

Metacaulk® 950+ is a one component fire-rated sealant for through-penetration firestop systems.  It will prevent the spread of flames, smoke, gas, and water through-penetration openings.  It is formulated with incombustible inorganic materials, therefore Metacaulk® 950+ will not create smoke or toxic gases when exposed to fire. It is for interior applications only.  Metacaulk® 950+ cannot be used in areas where there is a continuous vibration of the through-penetration opening where wet conditions exist or may occur or where there are continuous temperatures above 120° F  Metacaulk® 950+ is applied with a conventional caulking gun or troweled from pails; it can also be pumped from pails.  It is a non-slumping sealant tath sets to form a hard, yet retrofittable surface and can be used to seal static construction joints.  Mixing is never required and no special skills are necessary for installation. 

Metacaulk® 950+ systems are rated for 1, 2, 3 and 4 hours in accordance with the ASTME 814(UL 1479) and UL CAN 4-S115M test standards.


  • Large Openings
  • PVC/CPVC Pipe (Closed Only)
  • Other Types of Plastic Pipe
  • EMT, Semi-Rigid and Rigid Conduit
  • Steel and Copper Pipes with Insulation
  • Telephone, Power, Romex Cables
  • Static Construction Joints

Metacaulk 950+ Features

  • Inorganic and has No Volatile Solvents which makes it particularly useful when installing in confined spaces or occupied areas
  • Does not have asbestos filters
  • DOT Classification is not regulated
  • Applied with a conventional caulking gun, trowel or with pumping equipment
  • An easy installation sealant with water cleanup capabilities
  • A general purpose and acoustical firestop sealant


Metacaulk® 950+ | Product Information

Product Code Size Quantity Per Case
10.3 oz Cartridge


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