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Access Doors

Aluminum, plastic, steel, stainless steel, brass and bronze, GFRG, and GFRC access doors for installation in the interior or exterior walls and ceilings; many stock models and ready to ship.  Install aluminum or steel roof hatches for easy access to the rooftop.  Floor doors allow for easy access under sidewalks, floors, utility applications, and optional watertight floor door models. 



Fire Extinguishers & Accessories

Portable handheld fire extinguishers will extinguish Class A, Class B, Class C, and Class K fires.  Special mounting brackets allow fire extinguishers to be mounted in a fire extinguisher cabinet, on the wall, MRI facility, commercial kitchen automobile, or boat.

Fire Extinguisher Cabinets

Surface-mounted, recessed or semi-recessed fire extinguisher cabinets safely store fire extinguishers in inerior and exterior areas.  Install high security fire extinguisher cabinets in areas where maximum security is required in high security areas. 


Roof Hatches

Aluminum and galvanized steel roof  hatches allow for easy and safe access to the rooftop.  Roof hatches, equipment roof hatches, or smoke vents options include double-leaf opening, domed opening, or add an OSHA compliant safety rail and gate. 

Fire Stopping Products

Prevent fire, smoke, heat, and gas through cracks, voids, and large openings in walls, ceilings, electrical outlets, communications cables, construction joints with fire stopping caulk, sealants, sprayable mastics, wrap strip, joint strip, or cable coating.

Deflection Clips

Steel cold-formed connectors, rigid wall, deflection clips, floor connectors, and vertical deflection connectors designed to work with steel framing.

Emergency Signs

Safely guide people to the nearest exit with photoluminescent emergency exit signs and directional marking tape to light the way to emergency exits when the power or lights go out.  

Bathroom Partitions

Sturdy and economical bathroom privacy partitions will attach to the wall, ceiling, and floor and are available in custom colors, laminate, steel, or stainless steel.