Aluminum. Steel, Stainless Steel, Plastic or GFRG Interior and Exterior Access Doors

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Universal Access Doors

A universal access door may be installed in a drywall, plaster, tile, or masonry wall or ceiling.  Removable panels, touch latches, locks,  or concealed hinges are a few options available on the access door.  Plastic, aluminum, steel, or stainless steel access doors easily install and allow access behind walls and ceilings.

Specialty Access Doors

Superior Specialty Supplies offers a custom designed access doors to gain access to valves, ducts and wires.  Duct doors, valve boxes are available with levers.  Lead lined access doors can be installed in imaging centers.  Access doors designated for exterior installation my include airtight or watertight options. 



Fire Rated Access Doors

Insulated or non-insulated fire rated access doors allow for access behind fire-rated walls and ceilings while maintaining the fire rating or controlling heat transmission via wall or ceiling.  Large sizes, upward-opening, single or double leaf fire rated access doors are available.

Security Access Doors

High-security access doors allow for access where maximum security is a concern, yet access behind walls and ceilings is required.  High security or medium security access doors are often installed in walls or ceilings in hospitals, prisons, or  other secure areas.


Ceiling Access Doors

Conceal a ceiling access door with a GFRG access that is paint-ready or apply a textured finish.  Oversized or double leaf Ceiling Access Panels offer a wide opening for ceiling access.  An upward opening access door is an ideal option for above a fixed ladder. 

GFRG Access Panels

Glass fiber reinforced gypsum panels (GFRG) Access Panels installed in a wall or ceiling can be painted, or a textured finish can be applied to conceal the door for a seamless appearance.  Glass finer reinforced cement (GFRC) access doors may be installed in exterior walls, and are similar in strength and durability to concrete.  

Stealth Panels

Drop-In or hinged Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum (GFRG) Stealth Access Panels are installed in drywall walls or ceilings and ready to paint or apply a textured finish for a seamless appearance.   

Floor Access Doors

Install an aluminum, steel, or stainless steel floor access door in any interior or exterior flooring.  Install in concrete or allow for a  recessed floor to allow for carpet or tile for a flush installation.  Floor access doors may be fire-rated, watertight, or have a drainage trough. 

Roof Safety Railings & Access

OSHA compliant safety roof hatch and roof edge guard railing systems for roof edges and fall protection. Ideal for hospitals, institutions, and manufacturing plants. 

Roof Hatches

Energy-efficient aluminum or steel roof hatches or equipment hatches allow for easy access to the rooftop.