Mulit-Purpose Portable Fire Extinguishers for all Fires

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Strike First Fire Extinguishers

Strike First portable handheld multi-use fire extinguishers to extinguisher Class A, B, C fires. 

JL Fire Extinguishers

Multi-Use portable fire extinguishers offered by JL Industries for all types of fires.  Dry Chemical, Water Pressurized, Halotron, Class K Wet Chemical, Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers portable, handheld extinguishers are also available for Class A, Class B,  Class C or Class K fires

Buckeye Fire Extinguishers

Multi-use, portable Buckeye Fire Extinguishers for all types of fires.

Fire Extinguisher Accessories

Photoluminescent Fire Exit Safety Signs assist in guiding you to safety when the lights go out.  Fire Extinguisher Mounting Brackets mount fire extinguishers in cabinets, walls, cars, and boats. 

Oval  Fire Extinguishers

Portable handheld low-profile fire extinguishers are ADA compliant and can be mounted directly on the wall; no cabinet is required.  OVAL Fire Extinguishers are also available as non-magnetic and certified as conditionally safe for use in MRI facilities. Ligature resistance options are also available for use in high-risk environments.