Firestop for walls, ceilings, cables, through-penetrations, large openings, and electrical boxes. 

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Caulks and Sealants

The intumescent firestop will prevent the spread of smoke, gases, and heat through voids and penetration in walls, ceilings, and electrical boxes.  Caulking, sealant, sprayable mastics, putty pads, and composite sheets can fill large or small openings or cover communication or power cables. 

Firestop Accessories

Stop the spread of gas, heat, and smoke through concrete, wood, and gypsum with easy to install deck plugs or universal collars. Pipe collars reduce installation time and will expand to stop the spread of heat and smoke.

Wrap and Joint Strip

Flexible, cost-effective, and easy to install intumescent firestop for around concrete joints, plastic or insulated pipes.  

Fire Rated Putty and Pads

Moldable intumescent firestop seal around openings to prevent the spread of flames, heat, gases, and smoke.

Electrical Fire Stopping Options

Highly intumescent firestop for electrical boxes may seal or expand inside or around electrical boxes to prevent the spread of fire. 

Large Openings for Firestop

Prevent the spread of flames and gases through large openings, power cables, fiber optic cables, cable trays, copper, steel, or cast iron pipe with Metacaulk®  Firestop.  Seal large openings with composite sheets to restore the fire rating in walls and ceilings.

Pre-Fabricated Firestop Devices

Metacaulk®  Pipe Collars for through-penetration firestop systems install quickly and easily around open and closed pipe systems and electrical cables. 

Sprayable Mastics

Easy to apply, water-based sprayable firestop for long joint runs and is easy to apply.