Install a universal access door in a drywall, plaster, tile, or masonry wall or ceiling.

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All Surfaces Access Doors

Superior flush or surface mounted access doors installed in drywall or plaster walls and ceilings.  Surface mounted, recessed or flush access panes available. 


Plastic Access Doors

Plastic access doors may be installed with glue or caulking to the back of the frame and will press easily into place.  


Plaster Access Doors

Recessed or flush access doors with lath will protect with finish between the frame and the plastered wall or ceiling. 


Drywall Access Doors

Flush or recessed access doors provide access to drywall walls or ceilings.  Access doors with factory-installed drywall allow seamless appearance when installed in a drywall wall or ceiling. Recessed fire-rated access door available for drywall walls.