Superior Specialty Supply sells building products for a wide variety of leading industry manufacturers, including Acudor, Demand Products, JL Industries, Karp, Metacaulk and many more. Check out our complete list of manufacturers that we carry.

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Acudor Access Door  Products, Inc.

Acudor Access Doors is a leading designer and manufacturer of access doors.  Aluminum, steel and stainless steel access doors, floor doors, and roof hatches available for easy access behind walls, ceilings, sidewalks, and more.

Buckeye Fire Extinguishers

Buckeye Fire Equipment offers a full line of portable and handheld fire extinguishers to extinguish all classes of fire. 

CATO Fire Extinguisher Cabinets

CATO Fire Extinguisher Cabinets are a strong and sturdy plastic weatherproof fire extinguisher cabinet will fit portable fire extinguishers.

FF Systems Access Panels

FF Systems offers innovative access doors for interior and exterior applications with paintable door leaf, including oversized double leaf access doors for installation in walls and ceilings.

FlushMetal Bathroom Partitions

Flush Metal Bathroom Partitions allow for privacy in public restrooms.  Bathroom partitions in steel, plastic laminate, phenolic, and powder finishes can be customized for color and style for specific installations. 

IntexForms, Inc.

Seamlessly blend the access panel into the surrounding wall or ceiling with an innovative and superior access door from IntexForms, oversized panels available.  Install glass interior fiber reinforced gypsum (GFRG) or exterior glass fiber reinforced cement (GFRC) access panels in walls or ceilings. 

Jalite Photoluminescent Fire Safety Signs

Safely illuminate egress paths down stairwells in buildings when the lights go out. Photoluminescent safety products allow you to install non-electric safety signs and safety markings.

JL Industries

Aluminum, steel, stainless steel, bronze or brass fire extinguisher cabinets, JL Industries offers a premium cabinet for many sizes of fire extinguishers.  JL Industries AED cabinets safely protect and accommodate most AED's on the market.

Karp Associates, Inc.

Karp Access Doors are a premium universal, flush and recessed access doors, fire-rated access doors, roof hatches, floor doors, and valve boxes available in aluminum, steel, and stainless steel finishes.  Superior Specialty Supply is a large wholesale stocking distributor of Karp Access Doors.

Maxam Metal Products

Maxam Access Doors fire-rated oversized access doors for installation in walls and ceilings are available in single and double leaf sizes. Upward opening fire rated access doors for ceiling installation available in a two, three or four-hour fire rating.

Oval Fire Products

Oval Fire Extinguishers are low-profile, ADA compliant fire extinguishers and can be installed with or without a fire extinguisher cabinet reducing the needed floor space for installing a fire extinguisher.  Non-magnetic and certified conditionally safe for use in MRI facilities. 


Potter Roemer Fire Protection

Potter Roemer Fire Extinguisher Cabinets available in surface mounted, recessed or semi-recessed models for portable fire extinguishers.

RectorSeal Fire Stopping Products

Metacaulk® Firestopping Products prevent the spread of smoke, gas, and heat through voids and openings in electrical outlets, walls, ceilings, and floors.  UL approved firestopping caulking, sealant, pipe collars, putty pads, and putty sticks for small or large openings can be used around cables or to fill opening to prevent the spread of flames. 

Safety Rail Source

Safety Rail Source provides OSHA compliant safety roof edge guard railing for roof edges and fall protection. 

Simpson Strong Tie

Simpson Strong-Tie offers steel-to-steel connectors for cold-formed steel construction projects.

SteelCrest Access Panels

Steelcrest Products access panels and recessed control boxes offered in a variety of colors and finishes, including bronze and brass finishes and decorative panels. 


Steelway Cellar Access Doors

Steelway Cellar Doors customizes the best fitting steel cellar doors and prefabricated steel cellar entrances.   Made in the USA.

Strike First Corporation

Strike Fires Fire Extinguishers are long-lasting and reliable.  Portable, handheld fire extinguishers available to extinguisher all types of fires; Class A, Class B, Class C, and Class K. 

The Steel Network

Light gauge (cold-formed) steel connectors stabilize and connect steel studs to floor joists, roof trusses, and steel studs.  The cold-formed steel connectors manufactured  by the Steel Network (TSN) are strong and reliable and save time and labor costs. 

USF Fabrication Floor Access Doors

USF Fabrication builds quality floor access doors for sidewalks, floors, and utility applications with optional watertight and airtight installations. Aluminum, steel or stainless steel floor doors with interior or exterior installation.  

Williams Brothers Corporation

Williams Brothers Corporation manufactures quality metal access doors, flammable liquid metal storage containers, fire extinguisher cabinets and valve boxes.

Wind-lock Stealth Access Doors

Wind-Lock Stealth GFRG Access Panels will not shrink, rust or crack and will access any finish to blend seamlessly into walls and ceilings.  Glass fiber reinforced gypsum (GFRG) access doors install easily into new construction or retrofit applications.