Manufacturer Williams Brothers Corporation
Elite Bubble Fire Extinguisher Cabinet

Elite Bubble Canopy Fire Extinguisher Cabinet

Durable, precision built and an attractive fire extinguisher cabinet, the Elite Fire Extinguisher Cabinet by Williams Brothers is an ideal choice for most specifications. The Elite Fire Extinguisher Cabinet may hold a 5 lb., a 10 lb. or a 20 lb. fire extinguisher.  A wide variety of finishes and sizes, make this a favorite in the industry. The Elite Cabinet is also available as a fire rated fire extinguisher cabinet.

Fire Extinguisher Cabinet Features

Material: Steel 

Finish: Primer Grey, White, Red, #304 Stainless Steel, #316 Stainless Steel, Mirrored Polish

Style: Semi-Recessed

Turnback: Flat Trim, Recessed, Round Trim, Semi-Recessed

Door Style:  Full glass with acrylic canopy for full viewing of fire extinguisher

Hinges: Full-length Piano Hinges, Invisible SOSS Hinge

Latch Style: Paddle Latch, Cylinder Lock, Break Glass Lock Assembly, 4" Chrome Pull Handle, 4" Recessed Black ADA Handle


Fire Rated Option:  2 Hour fire rated assembly available


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