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Manufacturer Steelway Cellar Access Doors
Cellar Entranceway Doors

Custom Cellar Doors from Steelway Cellar Entranceway Doors are modern and attractive. Steel construction, durable & maintenance-free, and lightweight, these doors can be installed anywhere. They provide a safe escape in an emergency.

Provide an entranceway cover with two doors of custom size by Steelway Cellar Doors constructed with a minimum of 12 gauge hot rolled sheet steel with reinforcement as necessary. Provide each cover with two (2) hinged doors and an outside-mounted cast aluminum handle on the right door leaf. Doors will have four springs to assist in opening. The springs will be mounted directly to the ½” bar stock hinges and will not be exposed. The frame of the unit will have welded seams, especially the vertically oriented portions and a one-piece lintel to minimize potential rust. Doors and cover will be fabricated in such a manner that incorporates standing edges and returns to provide a watertight assembly. Provide an internal slide bar lock and hold-open rod. Provide with shop applied red oxide primer.


  • Material: Galvanized steel
  • Size: As indicated on the drawings
  • Lift: Gas pistons (for very large, heavy doors of more horizontal orientation)
  • Padlock tabs (inside or outside mounted)
  • Outside keyed entry