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GFRC Exterior Access Door

High-quality Hinged Glass Fiber Reinforced access doors manufactured in the United States are available as Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) for interior and exterior installation. GFRC is similar to concrete in strength and durability with only a fraction of the weight.

IntexForms GFRC panel and frame molds are made with computer controlled machines for accuracy and made in the USA.

These hinged panels include embedments in the frame so bugle head screws, or torque, do not fracture or crack the frames. These access panels will fit in every orientation with even gaps on all sides, every time.

Split doors, oversized access panels round or oval access panels, gasket sealed access doors are available.  

Every access panel and the frame is ready to paint or to apply a textured coating. GFRC Access Doors are available as a split door, a round panel or oblong panel is also available. Lock and key, screwdriver latch or a touch latch locking options are also available.  Other options included gasketing. 

GFRC Exterior Access Panels Standard Sizes*
Sizes (W x H) Rough Opening Sizes
6" x 6" 12" x 12"
8" x 8" 14" x 14"
9" x 9" 15" x 15"
10" x 10" 16" x 16"
12" x 12" 18" x18"
14" x 14" 20" x 20"
16" x16" 22" x 22"
18" x 18" 24" x 24"
20" x 20" 26" x 26"
24" x 24" 30" x 30"
36" x 36" 42" x 42"
48" x 48" 52" x 52"

*Custom sizes and oversized access doors available.

Square Corner, Radius Corner, Round Panel and Oval Panels are available. 

All sizes and styles Made in the USA


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