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Manufacturer The Steel Network
Master Clip VLB by TSN

MasterClip™ VLB connects exterior curtain wall studs, bypassing the building structure. Its unique configuration allows the option for a rigid connection to resist horizontal and vertical loads, or for vertical deflection of the structure up to 2” (1” up and 1” down). MasterClip’s integrated break-away bushings provide both an anti-friction and anti-seizure connection between the clip and the stud web surface thereby preventing a transfer of vertical forces into curtain wall framing, which is not engineered to support axial loads. MasterClip VLB eliminates flange-loaded, friction-fit clips, which do not address web-crippling. Three #12 screws for attachment to stud through the integrated bushings are provided by TSN.


MasterClip™ VLB Value:

  • Simplify ordering process and reduce inventory line items
  • Positive, mechanical attachment
  • Only certified, 50ksi steel is used
  • Bushings are integrated for accurate placement and ease of installation
  • Guide holes for attachment to structure (and the stud for optional rigid connection)
  • Rated screws provided for vertical deflection connection to the  stud web
  • Load transferred from the stud web
  • Elimination of friction-held assemblies
  • Meets all building code criteria
  • Adaptable for multiple configurations
  • Eliminates shims and scabs
  • Aligns wall studs quickly and easily by accounting for construction tolerances
  • Eliminates bridging or strapping within 12” of connection
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