Metacaulk Wrap Strip
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Metacaulk Wrap Strip

Metacaulk® Wrap Strip is a flexible strip of highly intumescent firestop material used primarily for plastic and insulated pipe applications. When exposed to heat, this product expands and forms a hard char to seal off the penetration by preventing the passage of flames and hot gases. Complies to Required Environmental Testing of Accelerated Aging and High Humidity as per UL 1479 Fire Test of Through-Penetration Firestops. US Patent Number 6,207,085.

Wrap Strip Features

  • Easy to install
  • Cost-effective
  • Versatile, Flexible
  • Highly Intumescent; expands when exposed to fire
  • Excellent freeze or thaw characteristics
  • Long Length means less waste
  • Forms a very hard char when burned

Wrap Strip | Product Information

Product Code Size Quantity Per Case
1" x 12' Strip
2" x 12' Strip

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