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MidWall by TSN

MidWall™ is The Steel Network's latest in a long line of enhancements to the metal framing industry, providing a tested alternative in partial wall assemblies. MidWall™ is designed to support out-of-plane loading in cantilevered partial wall systems that are unsupported at the top track. The out-of-plane loads are transferred to the floor system through a ½” thick plate nested in the flanges of the member with two 3/8” diameter fasteners used for the connection. Available in two lengths, 24” and 48”, MidWall may be used in place of standard framing members, or in conjunction with them to frame the wall.

MidWall™ Value:

  • Replaces labor/coordination of placing embedded angle into floor system
  • Only certified steel is used
  • 3.625" and 6" Meets IBC criteria Section 1607.7.1
  • Provides guide holes for attachment of MidWall to the stud (more efficient attachments compared with tube steel)
  • Reduces the number of anchors used (2 in MidWall vs. 4 in other methods)
  • Creates flexibility as two sizes of MidWall are available (24” and 48”) to enable adjustable wall heights
  • Current code requirements for handrails and partial walls
  • Test data for 2.5" depth MidWall is available
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