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Oval Low Profile Fire Extinguisher

The  OVAL low-profile fire extinguishers are revolutionary in their design. Oval is the only fire extinguisher that always complies with the ADA, ICC, and IFC protruding object requirements when surface mounted.   Due to the fire extinguisher's slim design, it can easily fit into a standard 2 x 4 wall without using a semi-recessed or surface-mounted fire extinguisher cabinet. Flush fire extinguisher cabinets are now always an option. When surface mounted with its proprietary hook, it only protrudes 3-1/2 inches from the wall making it very blind, low-vision, and wheelchair friendly. 

A low profile, multi-purpose 10 lb. dry chemical fire extinguisher for being mounted on a wall with a patented swivel hook.  The hook will hold securely when bumped or pushed. Alternately, the extinguisher may be installed in a surface or recess mounted cabinet due to the low profile of the fire extinguisher, the recessed cabinet can fit into a standard 3-5/8" stud wall. 

The Oval 10J-ABC Fire Extinguishers are used to extinguish Class A, B, and C fires.  Not recommended for use on sensitive electronic equipment.

The vessel is an extruded aluminum body with welded aluminum top and bottom caps and a durable red powder-coated finish. An anodized aluminum valve with stainless steel handles and pull-pin, rubber hose, and anodized aluminum nozzle.

Facilitates compliance with with CMS accessibility requirements.  Suitable for high risk environments when installed with ligature-resistant cabinet. Please contact us for more information. Certified as "MR Conditional" for safe use in environments with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) equipment up to 3 Teslas.

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