Manufacturer The Steel Network
SKU: StiffClipAL
StiffClip AL Multi-Purpose by TSN

StiffClip® AL is a versatile, multi-purpose rigid connection for use in a wide variety of applications. Pre-drilled holes facilitate quick and accurate fastener placement to structure and framing members. Stiffeners in each angle leg add to overall clip strength. StiffClip AL is tested to resist loads in 3 separate directions: horizontal, vertical, and lateral (see Load Direction, for clip orientation). Use of mill certified steel, combined with tested load values ensures construction professionals will achieve optimal structural performance.

StiffClip® AL Installation

Four #12 screws are attached to the member through pre-drilled guide holes in the 3” leg. Attach short (1.5”) leg to structure/member either utilizing the pre-drilled guide holes or with weld (attachment through the short leg is engineered by others). If pre-drilled holes are not able to be utilized, follow fastener manufacturer recommendations for screw placement.

StiffClip AL Value:

  • Guide holes for fast and accurate connections
  • Stiffeners for additional strength
  • Manufactured from mill-certified, 50ksi steel
  • No labor spent cutting scrap angle
  • Used in a variety of applications
  • Extensively tested (reduces liability concerns associated with use of untested, miscellaneous untraceable material)


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