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SKU: StiffClipHE
StiffClip HE Header by TSN

The StiffClip® HE series is used when connecting the beam to columns or headers to jambs. StiffClip HE’s unique design incorporates stiffened ribs to protect the header ends from the effects of web crippling. StiffClip HE transfers horizontal and large vertical loads from the beam to the column while incorporating a small shelf tab for alignment of box header during installation. The allowable design load table shown on the product data sheet is based on the use of StiffClip when attached to various steel column and beam material thicknesses and yield strengths. The minimum combination of steel thickness and yield strength must be used when determining the maximum design load. Design loads listed below consider both loads on the clip and the #10 screws as they are fastened to the steel beam and column members.

StiffClip HE is available in two thicknesses. The StiffClip HE(L) is 43mil (18ga), and the StiffClip HE(H) is 68mil (14ga).

StiffClip HE Value

  • Guide holes for connections to column and box header
  • Resists vertical and horizontal loads
  • Acts as a web stiffener
  • Tabs to hold header during installation
  • Reduces material (no jack studs or caps required)
  • Reduces labor expense
  • Extensively tested
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