Manufacturer The Steel Network
SKU: StiffClipJC
StiffClip JC Joist Clip by TSN

StiffClip® JC series (Joist Connectors) connects floor joists to beams and other structural components while resisting vertical loads. Pre-drilled guide holes and a support flange streamline installation. The allowable load tables shown below are based on the use of StiffClip® JC attached to various joist thicknesses and yield strengths with #12 Screws. The attachment to the beam or structure must be designed to be greater than or equivalent to the joist attachment.

StiffClip® JC Value

  • Joist flange rests on angle leg for fast joist installation
  • Guide holes for attachment to beam and screw placement to member (.172" in diameter)
  • Structurally load tested
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