Manufacturer The Steel Network
SKU: StiffClipTD
StiffClip TD Uplift Connector by TSN

The StiffClip® TD series unique design allows for the anchoring of steel studs to the foundation incorporating a 1/2” steel stiffening plate for strength. StiffClip TD resists vertical uplift loads for an effective solution in wall stud tie-downs or as the anchorage component in conventional, strap/gusset-plate shear wall construction. The allowable design load table is based on the use of StiffClip TD as it is attached to various steel stud wall material thicknesses and yield strengths. Allowable loads consider loads on the clip and screw fasteners to the stud web.

Pre-drilled holes for attachments to both deck and stud provide installers with increased efficiency.

The designed attachment of StiffClip to the primary structure is dependent upon the base materials properties (e.g. steel or concrete) and the design configuration.

StiffClip TD Value

  • Guide holes for connections to stud and deck
  • Stiffening plate for additional strength
  • Clip utilizes mill-certified, 60ksi steel
  • Reduces material (replaces heavy steel angles)
  • Extensively tested
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