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VertiClip SLB-HD Seismic Bypass Slab by TSN

The Heavy-Duty VertiClip® SLB-HD connects exterior curtain wall studs, bypassing the building structure while allowing for vertical deflection of the structure up to 2” (1" up and 1" down). VertiClip’s unique design provides both an anti-friction and anti-seizure connection between the clip and the stud web surface thereby preventing a transfer of vertical forces into curtain wall framing which is not engineered to support axial loads. VertiClip SLB-HD eliminates flange-loaded, friction-fit clips, which do not address web crippling. Allowable loads are based on three #12 screws for attachment to the stud (provided by TSN). The SLB-HD allows clip connection to the concrete deck of the primary structure using concrete anchors, either two ¼” concrete screw anchors, or one ½” expansion anchor for applications that do not allow PAF’s.

VertiClip® SLB-HD Value

  • Positive, mechanical attachment
  • Only certified, 50 ksi steel is used
  • Step Bushings pre-installed for accurate placement
  • Rated screws provided
  • Load transferred from stud web
  • Elimination of friction-held assemblies
  • Meets all building code criteria
  • Eliminates shims and scabs
  • Aligns wall studs quickly and easily by accounting for construction tolerances
  • Eliminates bridging or strapping within 12” of connection
  • Attaches to primary structure slab with either ¼” concrete screws or ½” concrete anchor, for applications not allowing the use of PAF’s
  • For Seismic Design Categories D, E, & F
  • 50 Per Box
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