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Manufacturer The Steel Network
SKU: VertiClipSLT
VertiClip SLT and SLTL Bypass Top of Slab by TSN

VertiClip® SLT and SLT(L) slide clips connect exterior curtain wall studs, bypassing the building’s structural concrete slab or structural steel frame; while allowing for a vertical deflection of the structure of 1” (½” up and down for SLT) and 1.875” (0.938” up and down for SLT(L)). VertiClip’s unique design provides both an anti-friction and anti-seizure connection between the clip and stud web surface thereby preventing a transfer of vertical forces into curtain wall framing, which is not engineered to support axial loads. Allowable loads are based on the use of #12 screws for attachment to stud (provided by TSN).

VertiClip® SLT is available in a length of 9 ½”

VertiClip SLT(L) is also available in lengths of 12”, 15”, and 18”

Determine the length by adding stud + offset + 3” (for steel, or 5.5” for concrete) and selecting the next largest size.


Quality Features

  • Positive, load-rated, mechanical attachment to stud web
  • 97 mil (12 Gauge) material
  • Friction-free movement
  • Mill-certified material
  • Eliminates untested “scabs” or shims
  • Step Bushings are taped in place at factory for correct placement
  • Tested screws provided

Labor Benefits

  • Provides for tolerance of studs from deck
  • Attaches to horizontal surfaces, eliminating heavy reinforced slab closure plates
  • Quick and easy way to plumb studs
  • No time spent installing extra “scabs” or shims
  • Step Bushings pre-installed
  • Screws provided
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