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SKU: VertiTrackVT
VertiTrack VT Interior Walls by TSN

VertiTrack® VT, a slotted deflection track improvement allows for vertical movement in interior walls. This unique, patent-pending assembly enables a positive attachment between the track and stud flanges to prevent the transfer of forces into the drywall, which could cause damage and violate the fire rated assemblies.

VertiTrack® VT Construction Advantages

  • Flawless Screw Placement With Friction Free Movement
  • Integral bushing provides for quick and accurate placement without the need to back out screws.
  • Standard #8 Modified Truss-Head screws (minimum 11mm or 0.426” wide screw head) can be fully tightened.
  • Load rated, positive mechanical attachment.
  • Connection allows up to 1 ½” total vertical deflection
  • Slots are spaced at 1” centers, allowing for virtually any stud spacing.
  • Staggered guide holes in VertiTrack’s web provide for structural attachment using PAF’s or screws.
  • Manufactured from certified ASTM A653/A653M grade 50, 50 ksi minimum yield, G60 minimum coating galvanized material.
  • Exceeds cycling standards found in ASTM E 1966 and UL2079. Rated for movement types I, II, and III.
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