Manufacturer Simpson Strong Tie
Wall Bridging Connectors

SUBH/MSUBH Bridging Connectors for Cold-Formed Steel Stud Construction

The latest innovations from Simpson Strong-Tie for Cold-Formed Steel (CFS) Framing are the SUBH and MSUBH Wall Stud Bridging Connectors. Through enhanced product design, these connectors can reduce labor costs and increase installation productivity.


  • Installed easily by a single installer
  • Many applications require only one screw
  • Tested to include stud-web strength and stiffness in the tabulated design values
  • Design values ensure compliance with AISI S100 Sections D3.2.1 and D3.3 for axially and laterally loaded studs
  • Flexible design solutions for web thicknesses of 33 mil (20 ga.) through 97 mil (12 ga.) and stud sizes from 3-5/8" to 8"
  • Compact profile allows standard 1-5/8" studs to be sistered directly against adjacent studs
  • MSUBH accommodates back-to-back built-up members ranging from 33 mil (20 ga.) to 54 mil (16 ga.)

Material: SUBH3.25 – 43 mils (18 ga.) carbon steel; MSUBH3.25 – 68 mil (14 ga.) carbon steel

Finish: Galvanized (G90)

Codes: IAPMO UES ER-124

Ordering Information: SUBH3.25-R150 (Bucket of 150) MSUBH3.25-R100 (Bucket of 100)