Manufacturer The Steel Network
SKU: BridgeClip
BridgeClip by TSN

BridgeClip®, BC600 & BC800 secures BB 150 or 1½” cold-rolled channel (CRC) to stud, resisting both lateral and twisting loads. Tabs on the bottom of a BridgeClip clamp on the BridgeBar® or CRC, while #10 screws attach the clips to a channel or a stud through pre-drilled guide holes. Efficient installation is not the only benefit, as BridgeClip is engineered to accommodate loads that have traditionally been addressed with generic L2x2x16ga

BridgeClip Value

  • Fast installation
  • No clamping
  • No welding
  • Guide holes provided for quick and accurate fastener placement
  • Rounded edges for safety
  • Laborers are working on installation, not cutting angle
  • Mill certified, 50ksi steel, G-90 galvanized coating
  • 33 Mil thickness (BridgeClip)
  • 43 Mil thickness (BC600 & BC800)


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