Manufacturer The Steel Network
SKU: BuckleBridge
BuckleBridge by TSN

BuckleBridge® provides a solid wall stud bridging system to resist weak axis buckling and torsional rotation of members. Elongated tabs in one end of BuckleBridge lock into a slot at the other end (through the stud knockout). Two vertical flaps at each end contain pre-drilled holes to facilitate the attachment to the stud. BuckleBridge is used with 16” o.c. member spacing.

BuckleBridge® Value

  • Fast installation
  • Tabs lock into slots for continuous system
  • No threading channels through knockouts
  • No welding
  • Meets AISI bridging stiffness requirements
  • Guide holes for accurate placement of fasteners to stud
  • Fits in SigmaStud® and SSMA standard wall sections, 6” and greater web depths


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