Manufacturer The Steel Network
SKU: DriftClipDSLS
DriftClip DSLS Exterior Bypass Structure by TSN

DriftClip® DSLS is available to accommodate vertical deflection and lateral drift requirement. Step Bushings pre-installed in vertical slots allow up to 2” vertical deflection (1” up and down). Horizontal slots accommodate 2” lateral drift (1” left and right--in-plane), with Step Bushings also pre-installed during the manufacturing process. Load tables are provided for attachment to stud. If more than 2” lateral drift is required, contact TSN engineering for more information.

DriftClip DSLS is available in a variety of lengths and classified by multiplying stud depth by 100 followed by length.

Example: 6" stud, 15" length 

Designate: DriftClip DLSLS600-15

One row of bridging is recommended at a maximum distance of 12” from DriftClip to resist torsional effects.

DriftClip DSLS Features

  • Positive, load rated mechanical attachments
  • Manufactured from mill-certified, 50ksi steel
  • Step Bushings pre-installed for accurate placement
  • Rated screws provided for attachment to stud web
  • Load transferred from stud web
  • Meets all building code criteria
  • Adaptable for multiple configurations
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