Manufacturer The Steel Network
DriftTrak DTSLB Exterior Bypass Slab by TSN

DriftTrak® DTSLB is available to accommodate vertical deflection and lateral drift requirements. VertiClip® SLB’s, with Step Bushings pre-installed in vertical slots, allow up to 2” vertical deflection (1” up and down). Clips are manufactured to fit into the DriftTrak® and provide free lateral movement of the structure. DriftTrak® is available in 12’ lengths.

DriftTrak® DTSLB Value

  • Positive, load rated mechanical attachment to stud
  • Drift amount limited only to stud spacing and wall termination
  • Step Bushings & Stiffener pre-installed for accurate placement
  • Rated screws provided for attachment to stud web
  • Grooves in 1” leg pass over fastener heads
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