Manufacturer JL Industries
SKU: Mercury
Mercury Halotron Fire Extinguisher by JL Industries

General Data: The JL Industries Mercury Fire Extinguiser contains the clean extinguishing agent Halotron® 1, which is EPA-approved, government-accepted and specified. This agent discharges as a liquid, then quickly evaporates, leaving no residue to clean up afterward. U.S. FAA-approved for use in airports. NFPA-10 rating. Electrically non-conductive.

Operation: Squeeze the lever, which opens the valve, allowing the chemical to be forced out. Temperature range from -40°F to +120°F.

Construction: Drawn steel cylinder with steel siphon tubes, power cone discharge stream, upright squeeze grip visual pressure gauge and corrosion-resistant paint finish.

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CLASS A, B, C Fires

Fire Class Information

Class of Fire Fire Class Information
Class A Paper, Wood, Cloth, Etc: Where quenching by water or insulating by dry chemical is effective.
Class B Flammable liquids: Where smothering actions is required.
Class C Live electrical equipment: Where the non-conductivity of extinguishment is vital.
Class K Call for more information.


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The Mercury Fire Extinguisher meets the criteria for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009,"Buy American."