Extendable Safety Posts for Ladders by JL Industries
Manufacturer JL Industries Access Doors, Fire Extinguishers & Cabinets
SKU: LP-4-5
Extendable Safety Posts for Ladders by JL Industries

The JL Industries LP-4 & LP-5 Safety Posts provide a convenient and safe method of climbing off and on fixed access ladders. Meets ANSI A14.3 and OSHA requirements.

Installation: The LP-4 and LP-5 Safety Posts come pre-assembled and attach directly to the top two rungs (square or round) with two U-shaped bolts.

Ease of Use: When at the top of the ladder, extend the safety post. The spring coil allows the user to lift with just one hand. Step on or off the ladder in a safe standing position while holding onto the post. A latch maintains the post at variable heights and is easily released for retracting the post.

Safety Features: Square posts for a no-slip grip and a ring at the top for a harness. We recommend a Saf-T-Hatch rail system in addition to the Safety Post for greater safety.

Weight: 25 lbs

Finish LP4: Safety Yellow Powder Coat

Finish LP5: Hot-Dip Galvanized



Additional Product Literature
Data Sheet-LP-4
Data Sheet-LP-5


The LP4 & LP5 Safety Posts meets the criteria for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009,"Buy American."




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