Manufacturer JL Industries
Saf-T-Hatch Safety Railing by JL Industries

Patented JL Industries Safety Railing for new and existing Roof Hatches.

Certifications: Meets OSHA required compliance for safe egress and ingress through rooftop hatch openings while the hatch is in use. The safety railing complies with OSHA CFR 29-1910.232 and CFR 29-1910.27.

The JL Safety Railing meets the criteria for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009,"Buy American."

Construction: Rail: 1-5/8" OD A53 grade B seamed galvanized steel with zinc-plated post caps. The base is factory galvanized 2" x 2" 16 gauge seamed steel with cast steel hot dipped galvanized clamps.

Guard: Zinc-plated 3/16" ASTM chain with quick links and hoops. (Standard)

Finish: Safety Yellow Powder Coating.

Installation: Quickly installs by a clamping frame around curb base of roof hatch or fire hatch. It does not require an approved installer.  Fits all brands of existing roof hatches with cap flashing—field adjustable to fit flashing size.

Sizes: Standard Sizes to Fit Existing Roof Hatches or Custom Sized for Non-standard or Oversized Hatches & Roof Openings.

Options: Self-Closing, rigid steel gate painted yellow.


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